Thomas Cook demise FAQs

Thomas Cook collapse: Where can I get the latest information?

We are updating our blog on a regular basis to provide you with the latest information and updates on our progress. This is linked from the top of our website home page, or click here:

Thomas Cook collapse: Can I just cancel my booking and get a full refund if I want?

Yes. We are pleased to help you find alternative options, but appreciate that you may prefer to simply have certainty and obtain a refund.

If this is your preference, and your departure date is up to 31 December, please e-mail quoting your Travel Republic booking reference. We’ll make sure your holiday is cancelled and a refund is processed (less £2.50 ATOL protection fee). Please allow up to 10 working days (though we expect to be much quicker).

If your departure date is in 2020 or beyond, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to help arrange suitable alternatives. Rest assured that if none are found, it is of course your right to obtain a refund.

Thomas Cook collapse: How long will it take to get a refund on my Thomas Cook booking?

Please allow up to 10 working days (though we expect to be much quicker).

Thomas Cook collapse: How can I get a £50 discount of a new holiday?

If your holiday has been cancelled and refunded (rather than an alternative being arranged), we are pleased to provide you £50 off an alternative holiday booking that you make with us. This applies to a new holiday (hotel + flight) booking made with us before 31st October (for any future departure date).

Simply make your new booking online or by phone, then email us at quoting a) your original booking reference and b) your new booking reference, and we will arrange £50 to be credited back to you. Please note this make take up to 10 working days.

Thomas Cook collapse: Why do I keep getting balance due reminders for my holiday?

As we are processing thousands of bookings with Thomas Cook airlines, reminders may be sent and payments may still be collected for holidays as we may still be helping you to find a suitable alternative holiday.

If you are an affected customer and end up requesting a refund, rest assured of course this will be processed; but until we have managed to speak to/ email you, we would not assume all customers are wanting to cancel their holidays as our duty is to try to help as best we can first.

Thomas Cook collapse: Can I book new flights myself rather than having to call you to rearrange them?

We advise you not to do this as we do not want to fall into situations where holidays have needed to be cancelled or changed, and we fall out of synchronisation with our customers as this can affect for example transfers and other elements, or where ATOL protection may be compromised.

Nevertheless we appreciate there are instances whereby customers are wanting to, or already have, arranged alternative flights, and in such cases we will communicate directly on a case by case basis.If you are urgently needing to ensure the accommodation element of your booking is maintained as you have arranged alternative transportation yourself, then please confirm this at, quoting your booking reference.

Thomas Cook collapse: Why am I waiting so long for you to answer my call?

We are so sorry for this, but are naturally experiencing unprecedented call volumes currently. We have almost doubled our staff capacity so far and are working significantly extended hours to help our customers.

Queues are reducing day by day but we appreciate calls have been taking a very long time to answer in many cases.

If your departure date is later than 31 October, we kindly ask you to hold off calling us until week commencing 7 October if possible.

Thomas Cook collapse: I am currently in resort, where do I find information about getting home?

If your flight home returns up to 6th October, the CAA will arrange for your return. Details on which flights are running by destination are on the CAA website links below. Click through to the airport code for specific details depending on the original flight:

If your flight home returns on or after 7th October we will arrange, and cover the cost of, suitable flights to bring you home.

Why am I not receiving my full refund?

It is possible that you will receive your refund as separate payments – e.g. your flight cost may be refunded separately to your hotel cost. If you receive a part refund in your account, please allow 2-3 more days before contacting us if you have not yet received the full amount

What is ATOL and is the ATOL fee I paid refundable?

For a full explanation of what is covered by ATOL please click this link to the Civil Aviation Authority website -

The ATOL fee of £2.50 per person provides financial protection for your holiday. This fee is non-refundable, so when your refund is processed, you will receive the eligible part of your holiday back, less the ATOL fee.