Reasons your refund may be delayed

Updated 05 January 20201 

We would like to assure you that we will send you a Customer Support Request should we come across any problems processing your refund.


- Once your refund has been processed, we will send you a Customer Support Request to confirm this.

- All refunds will be issued back to the original payment card or method e.g. PayPal. If you have used multiple cards or accounts, the refund may appear in your account on different dates and times depending on your bank.

- If the refund payment fails and we are not able to put the money back onto the original payment card(s), we will send you a Customer Support Request and you will receive an email from to request your new account details (do not worry about the name of the e-mail address, it is a secure internal address we use to obtain details we need from customers). Once we have received this, we will verify your details and make the transfer. A member of our Finance team may need to call you to clarify any incorrect or missing information.

- Unfortunately Chargebacks interrupt our refund process and so, if you have already requested a Chargeback to claim the money back from your bank, we will need to wait until your case is complete before we can resume processing any refund due.