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The possibility of jetting off on your much-loved, and truly needed, holiday is back on the cards!

To help keep you in the loop and up-to-date with , we’ve got everything you need for your next trip right here.


> Latest Travel Updates to Note

Changes to Travel from the 4th October:

-  The current guidance and Traffic Light System will continue to apply until the 4th October. From this date onwards, UK re-entry requirements will change.

From the 4th October, the current Traffic Light System will be replaced by a new two-tiered system for the UK. This will consist of a ‘Red’ list where travel restrictions will remain, and the rest of the world which will have simplified travel measures.

- Fully vaccinated passengers returning to England will no longer need to take a pre-departure PCR test before their return home. This also applies to children aged 17yrs and under who are travelling with fully vaccinated parents.

Non fully vaccinated passengers or those without recognised vaccinations, will still be required to self-isolate, and take a pre-departure test as well as day 2 and 8 tests on their return back home to England.

At this time, the government is in the process of reviewing the entry requirements for returning to Wales and Scotland. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on these once we have more information.  


> Getting Organised for Your Holiday

Keeping Track of Everything You Need to Do

- Stay on track and check your way through our handy Travel Checklist before, during and after your holiday. Click here >>

Arranging PCR Tests

- You’ll be required to purchase private PCR tests through a Government approved provider. Click here >>

- Remember, Covid-19 tests taken for travel and leisure purposes should not be taken through the NHS.

- Each country in the UK has its own approved PCR test providers, please check the specific list for your devolved nation before booking; England >>   Scotland >>   Wales >>   Northern Ireland >>

Getting Proof of Your Vaccination Status

- This is known as the NHS Covid Pass and it may be required for travel to a growing number of destinations.

- You can get a digital pass via the NHS App or online using the NHS COVID Pass Service. Alternatively, you can request a paper COVID Pass letter online or over the phone by calling 119. Click here >>

Making Sure You Have Travel Insurance

- We recommend taking out Travel Insurance with appropriate cover for the destination you’re traveling to, and all of the holiday elements booked. Remember to make sure everyone you’re travelling with also has suitable cover. Check out Travel Insurance with added Covid Protection. Click here >>


> Entry & Return Requirements

Finding Entry Requirements for Your Holiday Destination

While it may seem overwhelming at first glance, finding out your destination’s entry requirements is pretty simple however there are three main things you’ll need to consider;



Traffic Light System Guidance

The Department of Transport continue to update the ‘Traffic Light’ system to help protect citizens in the UK from the spread of Covid-19.

Destinations are categorised into Green, Amber and Red and each colour have different travel requirements.

You’ll need to find out what colour your destination is categorised as and follow the guidance.








FCDO / DFA Travel Advice

The FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) and DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs for Ireland) provide regulated travel advice and updates on any risks you may come across when abroad, including those surrounding Covid-19.

Through the careful review of these risks, they’re able to provide advice on whether destinations are deemed as “safe” for you to travel to or whether they advise against all but essential travel. In these circumstances, you’ll need to assess whether you still want to travel as planned and also consider your Travel Insurance cover as most policies can become invalid if the FCDO / DFA advise against all but essential travel to the destination you’re travelling to.

Should you wish to continue with your Package Holiday, despite the FCDO / DFA advising against non-essential travel due to Covid-19, you will be accepting the full terms of the Customer Covid-19 Waiver. Click here >>

We recommend signing up to email alerts from FCDO for the destinations you’re travelling to or looking to travel to.

FCDO: Click here >>

DFA: Click here >>




Destination Entry Requirements

To help reduce any potential spread of Covid-19 globally, countries have their own measures set in place for all arrivals from the UK.

You’re likely to find that many destinations will have processes and procedures in place such as negative PCR test results being mandatory on arrival along with a few extra safety measures within the county.

Check out our SUPER Handy Advisory Tool with a heat map on travel restrictions & entry requirements for all destinations. Click here >>

You can also find these through the FCDO and DFA websites: 

FCDO: Click here >>

DFA: Click here >>

Please remember you are responsible for understanding and adhering to all entry requirements.

Finding Requirements for Your Return Back Home

Destinations will be categorised into the 3 colours of the Traffic Light System. You’ll need to follow the return measures set out for the list that your destination is placed on.

- Check out what these measures mean and how they apply to each list colour below. Remember to keep up-to-date with these requirements and the list your destination is placed on as these will change regularly.



Green List

Amber List

Red List

                    Passenger Locator Form

This is a form collecting passenger contact details and it will need to be completed within 3 days of your return flight home.

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Pre-Departure Test

You will need proof of a negative Covid-19 test taken within 3 days of your return flight home.

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Managed Hotel Quarantine

You will be required to quarantine in a managed quarantine hotel for 10 days. This will need to be booked before you travel and be paid for by you.



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When you return from your holiday, you must go home or to the place you are staying and quarantine for 10 days.


If you’re fully vaccinated (at least 14 days before travel) and returning to the UK from an Amber List destination, you will not need to self-isolate. 


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Day 2 PCR Test

Within 2 days of returning home, you will need to take a PCR test. You’ll need to pre-book a test package for this before you travel. 

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Test To Release*

You can pay for an additional private PCR test to take on day 5 of your arrival back to the UK. If you receive a negative test result you can end your quarantine however you must still take your day 8 PCR test.


This does not apply for those returning to Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland as they do not have a test-to-release scheme.


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Day 8 PCR Test

Taking a PCR test on day 8 of your arrival back to the UK will be required (unless you tested positive on your Day 2 PCR test). This should be included in your pre-booked test package


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* Please check the specific requirements for your home nation as certain measures such as those for for children will vary; England >>   Scotland >>   Wales >>   Northern Ireland >>


How We’re Managing Your Holidays

Due to depart soon?

- We’ve sent an email to every customer due to depart up to 11th October with an update on their booking, following a review of the current advice from the Department of Transport, the FCDO, and the entry restrictions in place for all holiday destinations

- We’ll continue to communicate with all customers in departure date order and as soon as any new guidance has been published.

- If you have a Package Holiday to a Red list destination, we will call you. If you have a Package Holiday to an Amber list destination, we will send you a Customer Service Request which you can view using the Manage Your Booking Section of the website.

- If you have a Flight-Only or Hotel-Only booking due to depart up to the 11th October, and wish to make changes, you can call our Customer Support Team or send us a Customer Support Request online.

For details on the next steps, click on the tab below which reflects the type of booking you hold with us.



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