Covid-19 refund schedule

Since the Covid-19 outbreak began in March, over a hundred thousand customers have had their holiday affected. Refunds for cancelled package holiday and flexible hotel bookings are being issued in strict departure date order, with full refunds being processed 7 weeks from original departure week. The week prior to your refund being  issued, we will send you a quick email to let you know and you will then receive a Customer Service Request notification to let you know once the team has issued your refund back to you. The payment will take 3-5 days to clear and appear within your account.

For any customer with a cancelled non-refundable booking like a flight-only or non-refundable hotel, we will pass the refund back to you either once we have received the money back from the airline or when we have successfully exited the contract you hold with the hotel supplier.

We do want to highlight that for any customer who has claimed for non-delivery of services (charge back) through their payment provider, your refund will be managed in a separate process. Once this has been raised by yourself, we will not be able to refund in accordance to the schedule as we must work in accordance with the terms of your provider. 


Due to travel

Expected refund week

Week-ending 21 June

Week commencing 3 August

Week-ending 28 June

Week commencing 10 August

Week-ending 5 July

Week commencing 17 August

Week-ending 12 July

Week commencing 24 August

Week-ending 19 July

Week commencing 31 August

Week-ending 26 July

Week commencing 7 September

Week-ending 2 August

Week commencing 14 September

Week-ending 9 August

Week commencing 21 September

Week-ending 16 August

Week commencing 28 September

Week-ending 23 August

Week commencing 5 October

Week-ending 30 August

Week commencing 12 October

Week-ending 6 September

Week commencing 19 October

Week-ending 13 September

Week commencing 26 October

Week-ending 20 September

Week commencing 2 November

Week-ending 27 September

Week commencing 9 November