How do I check in online with Ryanair?

When you book a flight with Ryanair, you will be allocated an email address to check in online with. This will either be your own email address, or a unique email address which we have generated for you. This is sent to you upon receiving full payment of your booking, and will be shown on your receipt.

Within the section titled 'Important Information Regarding your Booking' on your receipt, you will see the following:


This will provide your Reservation number and the email address that you have been allocated.

How to access your Ryanair booking to check in

To access your booking on the Ryanair website, please log onto the Ryanair website at and select the 'My Bookings' tab at the top of the screen. In the 'No account?' section, enter your reservation number and the email address which we have allocated you; (this will either be your own email address, or a unique email address which we have generated for you)  Then click the ‘Go’ button.

Once you have accessed your booking, click the yellow 'Check-in' button on the right hand side

To access the RyanAir website click here.

Advance passenger information and online check in

All customers flying with Ryanair must check-in online and print their boarding passes in order to travel and to avoid incurring additional airport charges of €70 per person. The boarding passes must be presented at the check-in desk at the airport along with a valid travel document accepted by Ryanair (for the very vast majority of passengers this would be a passport)

Up until 12 June 2018, customers who don’t purchase seats can check-in between 4 days and up to 2 hours prior to departure. From the 13 June 2018 onwards, customers who don’t purchase seats can check-in between 48 hours and up to 2 hours prior to departure.

As each boarding pass must be printed on an individual A4 sheet, and due to the potential difficulties in finding adequate facilities to access the internet and print out your boarding cards whilst abroad, (which may lead to Ryanair's airport check in penalty if you are not able to check in online for your flight), we strongly recommend that you take the option of pre-booking an allocated seat during the check-in process, enabling you to check in for both legs of your journey prior to departing.

Regular seats can be prebooked from €5 per person per flight and we have provided below full instructions as to how to do this on the Ryanair website. Please note that we are not able to add these seats to your booking on your behalf.

For more information on check-in deadlines, please see our Terms and Conditions