Our top tips for a smooth holiday

Let's making your airport and flying experience stress free!

All of us at Travel Republic love to jet off on holiday just as much (if not more) than you.

It's been a while since many of us have flown, so we wanted to share our top tips to make your pre-travel, airport and flying experience as stress free as possible.

Before you travel:

 - Check your passport is valid for your holiday destination. Check out our handy guide for more information by clicking here>>

 - Understand if you need a visa. Head to the FCDO website to find out the requirements for your holiday destination by clicking here>>

 - If you're heading to Europe on holiday, make sure you're up to speed on how Brexit has affected your holiday. Click here>> for more information

 - Make sure you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy. If you haven't, why not take a look at the policies we offer with Rock Insurance by clicking here>>

 - Save this number into your phone - +44 (0) 208 974 7221 - if you need us when on holiday, our dedicated 24/7 In Resort team will be there for you

Before you head to the airport:

 - Make sure you have all of the documents you need including Passports and check-in information. Where needed, we suggest having printed copies of any paperwork such as visas, as well as any Covid test results (for more information on Covid-19 requirements, click here>>)

 - Download any documents you need on to your smartphone or tablet. Wi-Fi can be sketchy at airports - you can thank us later!

 - Ensure any cases you will be checking-in are secured with a strong padlock and you have the key secured in your hand luggage. Make sure you have a contact details label on both your checked luggage and hand luggage.

 - If you need to carry medication, take enough in your hand luggage to get your through several days (just in case there is any delay to your luggage). You may require a letter from your Doctor under certain conditions, so please check the UK Government advice page by clicking here>>

 - Where you can, check-in online, this saves time, queues and stress. Details of online check-in can be found on your airlines website

 - Any liquids you wish to take in hand luggage must comply with current restrictions. For more information click here>>

 - Plan your journey before you set off to the airport. It is your responsibility to arrive in plenty of time to check-in and clear security in order to catch your flight

 - If you have airport parking, have a printed copy of the instructions to find the car park, or have the passenger have a copy on their smartphone

 - If you have a transfer booked, have a copy of how to locate this at your destination airport. If you haven't booked a transfer, get one with us by clicking here>>

 - If you have booked a hire car in your holiday destination, have this paperwork handy for when you arrive

 - Take a copy of your Hotel voucher, which can be printed or have it ready to show on your smartphone


At the airport:

  - Arrive in plenty of time to check-in and clear security. It is your responsibility to arrive in plenty of time to check-in and clear security in order to catch your flight. Check your airlines website for details on how many hours before your flights departure check-in / bag drop opens

 - Be ready to head through security

1) Electronic items - it is likely these will need to be removed from hand luggage. This includes items such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones. There may be restrictions on what electronic items can be taken onboard an aircraft. For more information check out the UK Governments advice by clicking here>>

2) Liquids, aerosols and gelsWhere possible, pack as many of your liquids, aerosols and gels in your hold luggage.

 - If taking any in your hand luggage, containers can hold no more than 100ml (this includes the likes of deodorants, hair products, make-up, toothpaste and contact lens solution)

 - Each persons liquids, aerosols and gels must fit into one, transparent reusable plastic bag.

 - This bag should measure no more than 20cm by 20cm

 - This bag can contain no more than a combined total of 1litre of liquids

 - All contents must fit comfortably into the bag and it must be sealed 

 - Please click here>> to visit the UK Governments travel advice page for the latest information

 - We're sure it goes without saying, the above rules apply to travelling through UK airports. Countries across the world may have different rules, so please check in advance of travelling home.

3) Removal of belts, shoes and coats - removal of such items varies however, please do be prepared to follow all instructions from the Security team at the airport


Once you've cleared security and are airside:

  - Whether you'll indulge in a drink, meal or retail therapy or you'll sit with a coffee and people watch - please keep an eye on the departure boards. It is your responsibility to make it to the gate on time to board the flight

 - As you head to the gate to board the plane, have your passport and boarding card handy as you'll need these.


On the plane:

 - It's now time to take your seat and get ready to soar to 39,000 feet, inching ever closer to your holiday destination

- Please remember it is illegal to consume your own alcohol onboard a plane

- Please listen to all instructions provided by the Cabin Crew.

- We ask you watch the safety demo before take off

- Remember the Cabin Crew are there for your safety.

- Relax, the holiday you've dreamed of is here!