What do I need to take with me?

This really depends on what you have booked with us, but these are some general rules:



If you're flying with an airline that requires you to check in online then you'll need to print your boarding passes. Airlines such as Easyjet, Ryan Air and Jet2 (and others) will charge you heavily if you do not print your boarding passes. If you're able to check in at the airport, all you will need is our confirmation email. You can reprint this from Manage Your Booking



Once your accommodation booking has been confirmed, you will be forwarded an email with your accommodation booking confirmation. However, you will not receive your accommodation voucher until the balance of your booking has been paid.

If you haven't received your accommodation voucher upon full payment of your booking, please log into the Manage Your Booking section on our website or app using your accommodation booking reference. You will then be able to print your accommodation voucher, which you'll need to present to your hotel upon check in.



A confirmation will have been emailed to you when you paid off your balance. You can reprint this from Manage Your Booking if you do not have a copy. It is important you have this as it will have key information that you will need, such as where to find your pick up point and your re confirmation details.


Car hire

You should have received a confirmation from us with a link to your voucher. Please log into Manage Your Booking and find the link within your confirmation.


Car parking

You will need to take a copy of your parking details. This can be printed out from Manage Your Booking.


Visa and passports

All of the above is what you need from Travel Republic. Passports, visas etc you will need to check to see if you need a visa and how much length you need on your passport before it expires.