Can I cancel my hotel booking?

it is possible that your hotel booking may be non-refundable - however, this will always be highlighted to you at the time of booking.

With the exception of this, the following charges apply to all accommodation cancellations (including hotels booked with our £1 low deposit):

  • Any accommodation cancelled more than 7 days before departure: £40 cancellation fee (or the value of the booking if lower)
  • Any accommodation cancelled 7 days or less before departure: 100% of the booking value

If you make a new accommodation booking within 30 days of cancelling; assuming you cancelled your previous accommodation more than 7 days before departure, we will refund the charge minus £25. 

If you wish to proceed with the cancellation of your accommodation, please log into Manage Your Booking on our website or the app where you'll be able to cancel your booking by simply selecting 'Auto Cancel'. 

Should you need any assistance cancelling your hotel or you receive any error message please contact our Customer Support team on 0208 972 7200.

Non-refundable, non amendable

Full payment is needed at the time of booking, and if you decide to cancel it, it will be 100% loss, meaning no refund would be due. As this is a promotional rate, no changes can be made to your booking once it is confirmed.